pedigree DG Z

Ch. Dragon Gold Maxximus Ch. Dragon Gold Escape Ch. Nyitramenti Captain Blood Ch. Do It Again Fulvo della Cambianella Ch. Mirpet Matt Bianco
Red Strawberry Fulva della Cambianella
Ch. Sharidon Ayleen Carrow Spicer Ch. Roclynn Kings Minstrel
Ch. Nyitramenti Pastoral
Dragon Gold Aqua Negra Ch. Roclynn Kings Minstrel Tashadon George Washington
Ch. Roclynn Dressed to Kill
Ch. Nyitramenti Young Lady Ch. Clorewood John Thomas
Claredawn Look to The Stars
Ch. Dragon Gold Lunar Eclipse Ch. Samhaven Toast Marster Ch. Aaronwell Antique Gold at Brilyn Ferncott Gold Blend for Aaronwell
Brilyn Satin Smile on Aaronwell
Ch. Samhaven Toast Amalie Mild Affair
Ch. Samhaven Coral
Ch. Dragon Gold Impact of Beauty Ch. Snow Stail Double Success Ch. Johnny Be Good at Brilyn
Ch. Nyitramenti Asset of Snow Hills
Ch. Dragon Gold Dion Ch. Nyitramenti Captain Blood
Ch. Nyitramenti Young Lady
Tiganlea Make Good Time Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten Ch. Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea Designed With Love of Slatestone For Chantique Emryks Designed To Love
Zent From Heaven of Slatestone
Chantique Dream de Lux Ch. Xotic Lover of Slatestone
Love in the Sun with Gerian
Tiganlea Girl Talk Tiganlea Midas Touch For Valleyhaven Samhaven Made in Devon
Tiganlea Golden Touch at Yorvik
Tiganlea Pillow Talk Tiganlea Thrilling
Tielgate Tanto Fagasta at Tiganlea
Hazelnut des Vergers de Iacchos Ch. Tiganlea Best of Times For Rayawna Tiganlea Thrilling Ch. Lynmead Lust in the Dust
Tiganlea Soft Touch
Tiganlea This Time Coarhabeg Crescendo
Tiganlea Good Tyme Girl
Ella’s Song du Clos de Montamer Vol de Nuit du Clos de Montamer Seven’Up du Clos de Montamer
Rhapsody in Blue du Clos de Montamer
Forgaill Autre Finistère Thorgal le Pacifique du Pré Luneau
Une Petite Folie du Clos de Montamer